Favorite Fruit Smoothie Recipe

If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat, then you may or may not be sick of seeing me post the same smoothie almost every single day.

It's fruity. It's simple. It's so good.

I literally crave this smoothie at least five times a week and there's likely no end in sight to that craving now that it's getting warmer. I love it for breakfast, I love it for lunch, I love it for dinner. I love it after a hard workout because the almond milk and yogurt provide an extra punch of protein that my muscles need and the fruit helps deliver the carbs that are essential to recovery. It's incredibly easy to make and tastes 100 times better than any smoothie you could order at a juice bar. 

Below you'll find my personal preference of fruit and yogurt flavors, but you can alter to your taste however you like.


  • 1 cup frozen berry + kale mix (strawberries, cherries, blueberries, blackberries + kale)
  • 1 cup frozen pineapple
  • 1 cup Silk protein almond milk
  • 1 container Siggi's yogurt (strawberry is my favorite but any flavor works)


  • Layer ingredients in blender. Add frozen fruit first, then milk, then yogurt.
  • Blend until smooth, about 2-3 minutes.
  • Top with sliced fruit and enjoy!