Austin Bachelorette

I'm back from celebrating my bachelorette weekend and can't believe that the weekend has come and gone! It's kind of crazy to think that the next big event on the horizon is the wedding. (!) My friends flew in from all over the country (Raleigh, Denver, Nashville, Philly, NYC, Connecticut, DC, San Diego, Baltimore) and made it, hands down, the best and most fun weekend of my life. 

We spent a long weekend in Austin and drank and ate our way through the city and then some. My plane left Baltimore bright and early Thursday morning and I got in around 11:30 along with my maid of honor, Courtney, and one of my bridesmaids, Elle. Since everyone else was planning to get in later in the afternoon/night, the three of us walked around and made some important stops: liquor and grocery store.

Once we got back, we hung out and eventually all the girls started trickling in. I was totally stunned when I walked out from showering and the living room/kitchen had been totally transformed - my friends are the BEST and decorated the house so cute! They really thought of everything I could have ever wanted, from adorable fiesta-themed decorations including a custom sombrero that I wore nonstop to Nick and Bentley cutouts (that we took everywhere) to your typical, fun bachelorette themed props. The bright colors were so cute, so my style and definitely set the mood for a fun weekend. They also strung up sports bras, headbands and running shorts above the couch rather than lingerie as my gifts - talk about perfection. To say I have the best and most thoughtful friends would be an understatement.

Friday morning we woke up and, at my request, made our way over to RIDE for a spin class. You know your friends really love you when they go to a ridiculously tough spin class on your bachlorette party without any hesitation. 

Class was AWESOME and the best way for us to kick off a weekend of drinking. In true Claire style, we walked to Blenders and Bowls for acai bowls after class. It could not have been more appropriate or perfect for me.

By the time we walked back to our house, it was time to get ready for a night out. With 13 girls having to shower and get ready in a house with 3 bathrooms, we needed a little bit of time! We spent a few hours getting ready and drinking at our house (totally bringing back ALL the college memories!) and then headed out for dinner and drinks at Moonshine. Dinner was amazing, thanks to the best sweet potato fries of my life, and the drinks were so good. We spent the rest of the night on 6th Street at the rooftop of The Blind Pig, pretending we were back in college again.

PS - how cute are these tattoos my friend (and bridesmaid!) Swapna ordered?! I loved them.

Saturday morning was a little rough, as to be expected, and we ended up lounging around the house for a few hours before getting ready for the afternoon. We wanted some real Austin food (read: margaritas, guac and tacos) before heading out on a boat for the afternoon! Yep, boat. Nick surprised us and paid for a boat to take us out on Lake Austin for a few hours. He truly is the best.

We went to el Alma for lunch where we ate the best guac of our lives along with some pretty amazing margaritas and tacos. We had a ridiculously hilarious time at lunch and continued the party on to Lake Travis!

We were on the boat for a few hours and ended up docking next to a group of boats with other bachelor/bachelorette parties. The four hours went by so quickly as we went from boat to boat meeting and partying with tons of others celebrating with us. Even though the weather wasn't spectacular (literally the only cloudy day in Austin) it was still a blast and the boat day was by far my favorite part of the weekend.

Once we got back, we drunkenly ate more chips, guac and pizza at the house before meeting up with some of our new boat friends in a fun part of Austin called Rainey Street. We stayed out with them and ended up taking the party back to their house until 4:30 AM. Let me just say, I party like that pretty much never. When we got back home, we ended up Facetiming Nick (and Bentley!) until almost 6 AM, which left me with about 3 hours of sleep Saturday night. 

Sunday morning passed in a whirlwind of packing, cleaning and saying goodbye to my friends on early flights. Five of us ended up walking to grab brunch - more tacos! - before heading to the airport. All of the partying without any sleep definitely made for a rough flight home and Monday morning, but I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. It truly was the best weekend of my life and I can't wait until we are all together again in just a few short months. I'm officially ready for the wedding now!