Race Day Prep

Tomorrow I will be running the Zooma Annapolis 10K!

Zooma was my first half-marathon, and I've ran the 10K a handful of times since. Despite the fact that the bridge at mile 4 is absolute killer, I find myself going back year after year for more.

Don't know why.

Throwback to my first half marathon. Look at those baby faces!

Throwback to my first half marathon. Look at those baby faces!

This will be the first race I've run since the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler back in the beginning of April and I wanted to share a couple of training tips that have worked well for me over the last month and a half.

1. Consistent speed work. For the last 8 months or so, my running during the week has been based primarily around speed work and HIIT and I have seen incredible results. My long runs are typically on either Saturday or Sunday so I use Monday, Wednesday and Friday to work on getting faster. I am by no means a running coach but I've been doing between 3-5 miles of sprint intervals as well as other speed work (that I'll include in a later post) and I've found that it makes my longer runs much easier. I actually feel like I'm running slow on the weekends when I'm really at race pace.

2. Focus on nutrition. I think a lot of people assume that increasing mileage means throwing some nutrition rules out the window. I've read plenty stories about how runners have actually gained weight because of the hunger + mindset of eating whatever you want post-run. While I'm a huge proponent of balance (hello, I love ice cream) I do believe that nutrition is one of the most important pieces of training for a race. I've been focusing on fueling my body with all kind of healthy fats (literally all the peanut butter), fruits and veggies, and whole grains. I've also focused on making post run nutrition a priority and making sure to eat something high carb and protein post run for optimum recovery.

3. Stretch. I am notoriously bad at making time to stretch. Unless I go to yoga, I almost never dedicate enough time to stretching. While I'm still not doing a great job, I've been making an effort to stretch and foam roll on the weekends after longer runs and it is making a huge difference. I'm planning on getting back into the yoga studio more often after the race so more to come on that!

I'll be back Monday with a recap of the weekend and race details. Happy Friday!